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As you begin your search for a wonderful location in which to perform your next banquet, consider the possibilities of a Kosher Private Chef at the Aventura Chef’s Table in St. Peters-burg, Florida. Here you will enjoy a professional Culinary Arts education coupled with an impeccable and conscientious Private Chef. This unique combination creates an environment that is inviting and full of excitement. Hosting your next Corporate or Professional Banquet here provides a host of benefits. Begin your search for the perfect location today!

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From our Folklore Culinary Arts Course which provides the tools to create culinary masterpieces, to our Community Service Program which offers a focus on the culinary arts. Local businesses of all types are providing opportunities for Culinary Arts, Catering, and Hospitality services and programs. We proudly sponsor a number of events that provide opportunities for the celebration of Jewish Values, along with the celebration of the rich culinary heritage of Florida. From Bar-B-Qs to different specialty catering menus. Our chefs are committed to providing individuals and families a fun and memorable evening out, with the culinary expertise of the finest Chef in the world.

From Private Events to Corporate Training at a Corporate Event, we are always providing quality and professional customer service. And the food is just the beginning. We also offer a professional Chef in our Catering Department. Whether you are looking for a beautiful location, and the opportunity to engage with the highest culinary artists or you are looking for quality, professional Catering that can accommodate a variety of dietary needs, we can help.