Fun Facts About Folklore Culinary Arts

Folklore Culinary Arts brings together an incredible team of talented individuals who understand the vital role that food plays in the overall well-being of a household. Our Education Director Rachel Williams is passionate about teaching and her and her team offer a variety of classes that focus on culinary arts. One such class, Food for Thought, offers up its students a thorough introduction to the latest in folktales and their historical context. Even before students begin to learn the actual craft, they are introduced to the practical and academic concepts of cooking and baking by means of lectures and interactive workshops. This exciting program comes with a complete beginners’ guide to home cooking school. So, when you have a taste of the fantastic history and practice behind the fine art of cooking, why not sign up for a class?

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From the classes presented by Family Chef to the basic herbal classes offered by Heritage Food Center, one can expect a wide variety of folkloric and alternative cooking methods and ideas. In fact, Heritage’s curriculum continues to grow, and improve as well as introduce a slew of new tools and techniques to the world of cooking. For example, Heritage is currently adding an adjunct to its Folklore Culinary Arts curriculum – Heritage Artisanal Cheeses. These unique artisanal cheeses created by individual cheese makers to enhance their courses through the expertise of an individual artisan.

The key to success in the Folklore Culinary Arts program is to learn what you love to cook and use those skills to supplement what you already know about cooking. If you are ready to explore the past and present of cooking and baking from the point of view of an artist, a chef, or a marketer, a Folklore Culinary Arts degree will allow you to teach yourself the language of cooking in a beautiful and engaging manner.